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  Welcome to the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour

ASAB was founded in 1936 to promote the study of animal behaviour, and membership is open to all who share this interest. There are now approximately 1000 members, the majority drawn from Britain and Europe. Many members are professional biologists who work in universities, research institutes or schools. ASAB is a registered charity (no. 268494).


Latest news:

ASAB Winter Meeting 2015 Animal Social Learning and Culture

December 3-4 2015. Organisers: Kevin Laland and Andy Whiten (St Andrews, UK)

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More funding available per grant for undergraduate and research grants!

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ASAB: Being a member and use of the logo

ASAB is nothing without its members, and their passion for the study of animal behaviour. On ASAB Council, we are continually inspired by the many activities the membership undertakes to promote intellectually rigorous and ethical animal behaviour research. We are also very grateful for those members who publicise ASAB, encouraging students and colleagues to join us, or letting the public know what ASAB does and what it stands for. Central to that is our commitment to the highest standards of scientific and ethical integrity. As such, we would like to remind all our members that ASAB membership does not constitute an academic qualification or any form of professional accreditation or validation. This means that “ASAB” should not be presented against a member’s name on professional documents, websites and so on, in case it implies a qualification or an accreditation. Nor should mention of ASAB membership be used to suggest any such qualification or accreditation. Similarly, members are asked not to use the ASAB logo without due authorisation from Council.

Whilst we are very happy for the Association to be broadly advertised, it is important that our logo is not used to suggest accreditation or approval for a website, organisation or company where none has been given. For those members seeking qualifications in animal behaviour or professional accreditation for clinical applications of animal behaviour, please visit the ASAB website for further details on Education, Ethics and the Accreditation Scheme. If any ASAB member feels that the ASAB logo or similar is being used to misrepresent the Association, or if there are any other enquiries, please feel free to contact the Secretary, David Shuker.

David Shuker,
Secretary of ASAB, on behalf on ASAB Council