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  Welcome to the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour

ASAB was founded in 1936 to promote the study of animal behaviour, and membership is open to all who share this interest. There are now approximately 2000 members, the majority drawn from Britain and Europe. Many members are professional biologists who work in universities, research institutes or schools. ASAB is a registered charity (no. 268494).


Latest news:

Nominations open for Christopher Barnard Award for Outstanding Contributions by a New Investigator.

This award is given each year to acknowledge and reward the achievements of our best new investigators. The award takes the form of a research grant of £1000 and the recipient is asked to give a keynote talk about their work at the Easter meeting of ASAB (expenses paid). ASAB Council is calling for nominations for the 2015 Award, to be presented at the Easter Conference in Durham (18th-20th March). Council seeks nominations that reflect the membership at large, and nominations for women are particularly encouraged as they tend to be underrepresented at the nomination stage. The basis for the award is excellence in research by someone near the beginning of their research career. Recipients must have worked for at least part of their career in the ASAB geographic catchment area. To be eligible, an individual must not be more than 10 years (excluding career breaks) from the start of their PhD work. Members of ASAB are invited to nominate one or more candidates using the nomination form here (please use a separate copy of this form for each person you wish to nominate). The form should be accompanied by a full CV of the nominated candidate, the names of 3 referees and an account written by the nominator of up to 300 words describing the nominee's research. The 3 referees need to be contacted in advance of the deadline since the nomination form and the referees' letters need to be received by the ASAB Secretary ( by December 2nd 2014. We request that the candidate is made aware of their nomination, and that they would be expected to attend the 2015 Easter Conference (in Durham) to receive their award and give a plenary talk about their work. Members are encouraged to submit the nomination form and all supporting documents via email.

ASAB Winter 2014: "Individuals in Groups"

December 4-5th 2014, Prince Albert Suite, Zoological Society of London, London, UK: FREE attendance for ASAB members

Scientific program available to download here.

What is the meaning of individuality in social, group-living species? 

•How do individual behaviours integrate to produce global dynamics? 
•What happens to the individual with conflicting motivations in such groups? 
•Are there consequences to an individual who continually chooses the group over its own competing motivations?

We welcome presentations of both a theoretical and empirical nature, and particularly encourage submissions on a wide range of species (including humans) and at different levels (eg whole organism and cellular levels).

Confirmed plenaries: Prof. Niels Dingemanse (Max Planck Institut for Ornithology, Germany), Dr Andrea Manica (University of Cambridge, UK), Dr Dora Biro (University of Oxford, UK).

Plus the Tinbergen Lecture 2014, to be presented by Prof. Innes Cuthill (University of Bristol, UK).

Please see the website for further details (

Abstract submission deadline is now CLOSED.

More funding available per grant for undergraduate and research grants!

See the undergraduate grants page and research grants page for more details.


ASAB: Being a member and use of the logo

ASAB is nothing without its members, and their passion for the study of animal behaviour. On ASAB Council, we are continually inspired by the many activities the membership undertakes to promote intellectually rigorous and ethical animal behaviour research. We are also very grateful for those members who publicise ASAB, encouraging students and colleagues to join us, or letting the public know what ASAB does and what it stands for. Central to that is our commitment to the highest standards of scientific and ethical integrity. As such, we would like to remind all our members that ASAB membership does not constitute an academic qualification or any form of professional accreditation or validation. This means that “ASAB” should not be presented against a member’s name on professional documents, websites and so on, in case it implies a qualification or an accreditation. Nor should mention of ASAB membership be used to suggest any such qualification or accreditation. Similarly, members are asked not to use the ASAB logo without due authorisation from Council.

Whilst we are very happy for the Association to be broadly advertised, it is important that our logo is not used to suggest accreditation or approval for a website, organisation or company where none has been given. For those members seeking qualifications in animal behaviour or professional accreditation for clinical applications of animal behaviour, please visit the ASAB website for further details on Education, Ethics and the Accreditation Scheme. If any ASAB member feels that the ASAB logo or similar is being used to misrepresent the Association, or if there are any other enquiries, please feel free to contact the Secretary, David Shuker.

David Shuker,
Secretary of ASAB, on behalf on ASAB Council